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Infrared 1500W Workspace Heater

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Infrared 1500W Workspace Heater This all-season Infrared Workspace Heater features a thick carbon fiber filament that radiates infrared heat, warming people and objects in its path rather than the surrounding air. It is an excellent heating solution for workshops, garages, jobsites, patios and more. Mount it over your workbench to provide spot heating in your woodshop during the colder months. With its weatherproof design, it is also well-suited for worry-free outdoor use—even in rain or snow. Since it has no running fan or motors, it heats silently and efficiently. Mount it to the wall with the included bracket, or to the optional Tripod Stand (#53955, sold separately).Features:Line-of-sight spot heating provides heat only where it´s neededEmits 95% less red light than typical infrared heaters, resulting in less glareNo running fan or motors for clean, silent, maintenance-free heatNo CO2 emissions like propane or natural gas heatersNo hazardous tanks to fill, no plumbing or ventilation to installIncludes hardware for wall mountingEarns the highest weatherproofing rating for a space heater: IP65Installation and Limitations: Heater must be mounted no less than 72´´ from the floor (in US market)Minimum clearances to adjacent combustibles are 24´´ from top and 18´´ from sidesHeater may be used indoors or outdoors. If using outdoors, you need an extend socket, and the cable and socket system must be waterproof

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