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Irwin 10"e x 50T Marples ATB+R Combination Saw Blade

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Irwin 10&quote x 50T Marples ATB+R Combination Saw Blade This 50-tooth combination blade features mid-size hook teeth with extra-deep gullets every five teeth. This allows efficient chip ejection during rip cuts, while maintaining excellent finish quality on crosscuts. The blade also features a thin kerf design, which reduces dust and material waste, and allows for use on all table saws, from lower-powered portable machines to high-end cabinet saws.IRWIN is proud to introduce a full line of fine woodworking saw blades that are manufactured in Italy to the highest standards of precision required for fine woodworking and finish carpentry. These industry leading laser-cut, thin kerf saw blades are produced in a highly-automated, state-of-the-art facility in Udine, Italy - the heart of high-quality circular saw blade manufacturing. Engineered with oversized, high-quality carbide, the new Marples Woodworking Series saw blades provide the extended life and flawless finish professional woodworkers and finish carpenters demand. Features: Extra-sharp, oversized carbide teeth are re-sharpenable for long life Precision tensioned for flawless cuts Heat-resistant non-stick coating reduces gumming for easy cleanup and truer, cleaner cuts

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