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JIG IT® Concealed Hinge Drilling Guide

JIG IT® Concealed Hinge Drilling Guide Armed with only our Concealed Hinge Drilling Guide and a hand drill, you can drill perfectly positioned cup holes for your concealed hinges. Since there´s no need for a drill press, you´ll save both money and space in your shop. We´ve redesigned our jig with some new conveniences while keeping the basic functionality so popular with customers. Each guide now features an integral spring clamp that holds the guide in place as you drill. No adjustment is required for the clamp, but more importantly, the clamp also doubles as a foot. It is designed to rest on your benchtop (or the floor) and provide firm support as you apply downward pressure with the drill bit. To support the other end of the door, simply use scrap blocks or Bench Cookies (sold separately). A long shank Forstner bit (sold separately) to match your hinge cup size is required to use the jig. Carbide bits are recommended. To get fast, repeatable drilling setups for multiple hinges, see our JIG IT® Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System (#53420, sold separately).Features:An ideal hinge cup drilling solution for small shops, or for jobsite workTemplate guide is solid steel for durabilityTemplate is secured in place with sturdy metal threaded holesIntegral clamp attaches guide securely to your doorClamp doubles as foot, providing firm support as you drillUse scrap blocks or Bench Cookies to support outer edgeCenter line perfectly positions the templateOffsets are adjustable for both face frame and frameless constructionTemplate bases have non-marring bottoms

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