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JIG IT® Hinge Mortising System

JIG IT® Hinge Mortising System Nothing quite complements a fine jewelry box like a set of high-quality hinges, expertly mortised into the rim of your box with precise margins that hug the contours of the hinges. Combined with the appropriate Mortise Templates (sold separately) this jig lets you do just that—rout flawless hinge mortises for decorative boxes. It takes the stress out of the final stage of box making, a stage that, if it goes wrong, can ruin the entire box. Using the jig is as easy as A-B-C. Just insert the appropriate Mortise Template for your hinge and use a plunge router with a straight bit and guide bushing to rout the mortises. Detailed instructions are included to make the process easy and foolproof. Since you rout the mortises for both lid and box at the same time, with the same setup, perfect alignment is virtually guaranteed.Features: Rigid, low-friction acrylic surface is ideal for routingTransparent acrylic for clear visibilityFence is adjustable for material thicknesses ranging from 3/8´´ to 1´´Laser etchings on the jig make alignment quick and simpleBox and lid are routed at the same time to ensure perfect alignmentUsing the jig requires a plunge router, 3/16´´ diameter straight bit (#90000, sold separately) and a 3/8´´ O.D. x 5/16´´L Guide Bushing Adapter with Lock Nut (#43877 and #63107, sold separately)Available Hinge Mortise Templates and Compatible Hinges (More Coming Soon!): 50079 Q1 Premier Quadrant Hinge Mortise Template (Use for #11099 hinge)50174 Q2 Side Rail Hinge with Lid Stay Mortise Template (Use for #11027 hinge)51331 Q3 Large Quadrant Hinge Mortise Template (Use for #46807 and #24300 hinges)54698 Q4 Small Quadrant Hinge Mortise Template (Use for #48068 and #21962 hinges)56612 Q5 Side Rail Hinge Mortise Template (Use for #11040 Hinge)

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