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Rockler JIG IT® Hinge Plate Template for Inset Door Hinges

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JIG IT® Hinge Plate Template for Inset Door Hinges

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Your inset doors will swing smoothly and line up neatly every time with our JIG IT® templates to guide your way. Just butt the template up against the face of your cabinet and use a centering bit to drill perfectly positioned mounting holes for a wide variety of concealed inset hinges. See the compatibility info below for a list of which hinges are compatible with this template. Requires centering bit (#68991, sold separately). For even faster, more foolproof installation, use several of these templates mounted on one of our T-track rails (#26420, sold separately). For easier mounting of the cup plate from two-part Euro-style hinges, check out the JIG IT® Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System. It works with your handheld drill and sets up so you can bore precisely spaced hinge cup mounting holes on multiple doors.JIG IT Hinge Plate Template for 3/4´´ Thick Inset Door Hinges Installs hinges: #38131, #34122, #48572, #48268, #34807, #55879, #55809, #55856, #38411These hinges are used on frameless cabinets, or face frame cabinets where the partitions are flush with the frameUse with #6 Self Centering Bit (#68991, sold separately)Clear acrylic for easy alignment with your marksAlso includes T-track mounting hole for repeatable alignment and placement of hingesHole spacing and setback measurements are conveniently printed on the acrylic face for referenceStable, durable polymer fence

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