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Rockler Jet® 12´´ Planer/Jointer Combo

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Jet® 12´´ Planer/Jointer Combo

SKU: 34723 ID: 481387729 UPC: 662755987328

You don´t have to choose between buying a jointer or a planer - with the JJP-12, you can have both. Leave it to JET to design a machine that allows quick changeover between jointing and planing functions. This versatile machine features an extra large aluminum extruded fence with centered controls for quick adjustments, a built-in dust chute capable of handling both planing and jointing operations, and a powerful 3-horsepower induction motor that can handle the toughest lumber. A heavy-duty, fully welded steel base cabinet houses the motor and the planer table mechanism, while providing solid mounting for the associated controls and support for the jointer table and fence assemblies. Best of all, the fence can stay put when changing over functions. It´s the best of both worlds!Features: Three high-speed steel knife cutter head provides rapid cutting and a superior finish Parallelogram design keeps the table close to the cutterhead for improved finish and allows for precise depth of cut adjustments Extra large aluminum extruded fence with centered controls for quick adjustments Extremely quick changeover between jointing and planing functions. Fence does not need to be removed Powerful 3HP induction motor easily handles the toughest jointing and planing tasks Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs for increased stability Built-in dust chute with 4"e dust port used for both jointing and planing operations Large handwheel for quick and precise adjustments of planer table Heavy-duty cast iron tables with a machined finish to ensure accuracy and flatness Magnetic switch provides safer and more reliable operation

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