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Rockler Jet® Dado Blade Throat Insert

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Jet® Dado Blade Throat Insert

SKU: 45829 ID: 510004043 UPC: 731325205343

This dado throat plate is compatible with the JET® JPS-10TS-30 10"e ProShopTable Saw (#44042, sold separately). It is made of high-density phenolic for smooth, low-friction sliding, and provides firm support on either side of the dado blade to ensure that your dadoes have consistent depth from end to end. Four leveling screws provide a perfectly flush surface so that your workpiece won´t hang up or rock on any edges. Two rear tensioners also keep it from shifting around or rattling while the table saw is running.Features: High-density phenolic with low friction melamine face Close tolerance reduces tear out on the margins of dado cuts Four top-access leveling screws ensure the throat plate is level with the surface of the table saw Two rear tensioners keep the throat insert from rattling Lightweight construction

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