Rockler Keyless Cam Locks-Locks

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Keyless Cam Locks-Locks

SKU: GRP11231_1 ID: 524072709

Set your own 3-digit combination any time! Changing the combination takes only a few seconds with the simple push of a button.1,000 different combinations!Replaces any 3/4" keyed cam lock.Includes mounting hardware and instructions.Zinc.Changing the combination is easy, and can be done any time the cam is unlocked:Push the change button in (located on bottom of the lock) with a paper clip while setting a new combination. With the combo set at 0 0 0 turn the threaded cylinder while keeping the front housing and cam stationary.Set the combination to the number that opens the lock.Release pressure on the change button by removing paper clip. It is that easy!

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