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Rockler Kreg KTC55 System Organizer

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Kreg KTC55 System Organizer

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All too often, carrying cases suffer from a very basic problem—they ´´let things slide.´´ The moment you pick up the case, the contents wind up in a tangled pile. The Kreg KTC55 System Organizer overcomes this slippery problem with a set of fitted inserts that keep all of your Kreg jigs and accessories securely in place. Because the inserts are designed for specific products, you´ll never have to dig through a pile of jigs, bits and screws again. And since everything is pre-planned for optimal utilization of space, the case is very compact, yet it can house your entire Kreg joinery system, including your Kreg Jig® (K3, K4 or K5), Kreg clamps, drill bits (standard, HD and Micro), driver bits, numerous guide blocks, Kreg screws and more. The inserts can also be removed to store larger items such as the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig and compact drill/drivers. The transparent lid lets you see the contents without needing to open the case.

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