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Kreg Micro Pocket Plugs

SKU: GRP31390 ID: 524073405

For those occasions when your micro pocket holes will be in plain view, simply tap these plugs into the holes for a neat finished look. The Kreg Micro Pocket-Hole Plugs are carefully sized to match the smaller diameter of the Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Bit (#36953, sold separately). See our Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide (#33984, sold separately) for more information on micro pocket holes. Mini pocket plugs are machined from straight-grained wood in either red oak or paint grade (paint grade wood species may vary). Cut at a sharp angle from the dowel, they aren´t quite face grainplugs, but they´re close. Minimal sanding required to bring the plug flush with the surrounding surfaceFeatures: Plugs are angle cut, so they require minimal sanding to match the pocket hole angles Package sealing prevents the micro pocket hole plugs from warping or expanding due to moisture Made from finely machined dowel stock for a close fit

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