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Rockler Kreg Stainless Steel Washer Head Screws

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Kreg Stainless Steel Washer Head Screws

SKU: GRP18514 ID: 524074312

100% stainless steel pocket hole screws eliminate the risk of rust and corrosion to keep your garden and patio furniture together indefinitely, and look good doing it. These pocket screws boast all the features of standard Kreg screws. The self-tapping screw tips make for easy driving and the wide washer heads boast incredible holding power. Deep-seated #2 square drive heads eliminate "ecam out"e, ensuring a tight, solid pocket joint and easy disassembly. Available in 1-1/4"e and 2-1/2"e lengths. Choose fine thread screws for hardwoods; coarse thread screws for soft woods and plywood.Features: Self-tapping screw tips 100% stainless steel pocket screws Deep-seated #2 square drive heads Stainless steel Kreg screws are available in fine thread for hardwoods; coarse thread for soft woods and plywood

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