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Kreg® Automaxx™ 6´´ Bench Clamp

Kreg® Automaxx™ 6´´ Bench Clamp Automaxx Bench Clamps automatically adjust for any thickness of material, eliminating the need to readjust the clamp when changing stock. Whether you´re clamping a 2x4 or a piece of veneer, one squeeze is all it takes to secure your work. The clamping force is easily set with a thumbscrew, and once set, stays the same for all materials. Bench clamps slide into bench-mounted Clamp Traks and Clamp Plates (sold separately), providing a versatile 360-degree benchtop clamping station. Use them singly or in combination for a variety of woodworking tasks. Kreg Automaxx Clamps are also available as a stand-alone face clamp.Features: Bench clamps are compatible with Kreg Clamp Plate, Clamp Trak, and Clamp Vise PlateAuto Adjust™ technology automatically adjusts to any thicknessClamps materials up to 4-1/2" thickEasy-to-regulate clamping force using a simple thumbscrewExtra-large padded clamp spreads clamp pressure evenlyErgonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigueHeavy-duty all-metal construction

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