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Kreg® Automaxx™ Bar Clamps

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Automaxx Bar Clamps provide perhaps the fastest closing action of any bar clamp. No need to wind a screw or pump a trigger—simply slide the clamp faces together, squeeze the handles, and the clamp locks on with a reassuring "ethunk."e Pressure is easily adjusted—up to 550 lbs—with the thumb screw, and once set, stays the same no matter what the size of your workpiece. Of course, you also get all the benefits inherent to a standard F-style clamp. When you want the consistent, repeatable pressure of the Automaxx mechanism, but need more clamping capacity, look no further than Automaxx Bar Clamps. Also available in a range of Heavy-Duty models (e.g. 52893) with more pressure (700 lbs) and a larger 2-7/8´´ throat depth.Features: Features the same auto-adjusting technology as Kreg Automaxx™ Bench Klamps™ and Automaxx™ Face Clamps, allowing you to quickly clamp a variety of materials and assemblies with strong, consistent clamping pressureAutomatically adjusts to your material thickness, whether it’s thick, thin, or in betweenEasy-to-regulate clamping force using a simple thumbscrew—generates up to 550 pounds of pressureHighly durable, all-metal construction will withstand years of rugged useErgonomic padded grips provide comfort and ease-of-use, while extra-large pivoting clamp faces spread clamping pressure evenly

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