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Rockler Leigh M2 Multiple Mortise and Tenon Attachment

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Leigh M2 Multiple Mortise and Tenon Attachment

SKU: 38591 ID: 479646369 UPC: 843068006009

Cut rows of perfectly fitted mortise and tenon joints! Leigh´s M2, Multiple Mortise and Tenon Attachment brings multiple mortise and tenon joints within easy reach of any woodworker who owns a D4 Dovetail Jig and a plunge router with 1/2"e collet. The adjustable guide fingers let you cut multiple joints in virtually any layout, in stock up to 24"e wide. Mortises and tenons can be cut in sizes from a delicate 5/16"e x 5/8"e to a muscular 1-1/2"e x 2-1/2"e. The M2 can also be used as a custom finger joint jig for producing large scale, variably spaced finger joints from 5/8"e wide on up, in stock up to 1-1/8"e thick. The M2 guide fingers can also be used to produce extra-large variably spaced half-blind dovetails with tails up to 1-1/4"e deep.Features:Mortises and tenons in sizes from 5/16"e x 5/8"e to 1-1/2"e x 2-1/2"eChoice of three corner radii: 5/32"e, 1/4"e, or square (with chiseling)74-page fully illustrated user guideSupplied with 1/2"e HSS spiral upcut bit (Leigh No.180)The M2 handles stock as thick as 1-1/2"e

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