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Leigh R9 Plus Joinery System

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Leigh R9 Plus Joinery System Create through dovetails and finger joints on boards of any width with the Leigh R9 Plus Joinery System! The R9 Plus helps you do it quickly and with precision. And with dependable Leigh quality, you know you´ll get pins and tails that fit perfectly every time! Features a template designed to be used with a stand alone router (bench mode) or on your router table. Features:Cut through dovetails on unlimited board widths on board thickness up to 13/16"eThree dovetail pin widths - 3/8"e, 7/16"e, and 1/2"eTwo dovetail joint pitches - 1-1/2"e and 3/4"eCut Box Joints on any board thickness up to 1"e in three different sizes (3/16"e, 3/8"e, and 3/4"e)No jig adjustmentsJoint fit is controlled by patented eBushWorks on your router table or with a standalone routerAdjustable width clampingReplaceable backer board eliminates tear out

Only $169.00 at Rockler.com

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