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Rockler Leigh Super 24´´ Dovetail Jig

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Leigh Super 24´´ Dovetail Jig

SKU: 38044 ID: 495601057 UPC: 843068024003

Extraordinary joint making capability at an exceptional price point! Cut variably spaced Through & Half-blind dovetails easily and accurately. Infinitely adjustable one-piece fingers are easily positioned for any joint pattern, and you are always guaranteed a half pin at each edge of the joint. Rout half-blind pin boards and tail boards at the same time. The finger assembly can also produce two sizes of box joints, 5/16"e and 5/8"e. Adjustments for fit can be made in increments of .002"e. You can even install the included crosscut fence and the dovetail finger assembly becomes a sliding dovetail template. Available in three widths: 12"e, 18"e and 24"e to satisfy the needs of every woodworker and every budget.The amazing joint making capability of Super Jigs is due in part to the revolutionary new Leigh E Bush (patent pending). A simple twist of the E Bush changes it´s active diameter which in turn changes the fit of finger joints and half-blind dovetails.Features:Easy to use cam action clampsAluminum clamp barsNon-slip material on every clamping surfaceInfinitely variable spacing

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