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Rockler Limited Edition 54´´ EZSmart Track Saw System

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Limited Edition 54´´ EZSmart Track Saw System

SKU: 57553 ID: 587291583 UPC: 857061005228

Enjoy all the straight-cutting anti-chip benefits of the EZSmart system, plus get the capability of cutting on the floor, a table or your workbench with the included EZSmart Clamp System and its integral feet. Three bonus anti-chip edges are also included to ensure thousands of chip-free cuts. The EZSmart Track Saw System gives you absolutely straight cuts with virtually zero tear-out or chipping—all with the circular saw of your choice! Unlike many similar systems, this one includes a Universal Saw Base that can be fitted to over 90% of left- or right-bladed circular saws. That means there´s no need to pay a premium for a specialty saw. The saw glides effortlessly down the rail for rip cuts, cross cuts, and angle cuts. Thanks to the guide rail´s zero-clearance edges and the chip-free inserts on the bottom of the base, the cut quality is far better than typical table saws. And since the wood is captive under the track, there is no danger of kickback. Includes two EZSmart Clamps capable of securing even the smallest boards under the track. If you want an even longer guide rail, additional Guide Rails (#55763 and #50438, sold separately) and Connectors (one of #57360 and two of #56171 will be required, sold separately) are available separately.Features:Guide rail is bi-directional, and features two anti-chip edges—use one for 90° cuts, the other for bevel cutsPatent-pending anti-chip inserts provide zero clearance on either side of the blade for astoundingly clean cutsDanger of kickback is all but eliminated by the included anti-kickback fin, which prevents the material from bindingNo more lugging around a heavy table saw to job-sites; get proven results with this lightweight kitIncludes anti-chip inserts for use either on the guide rail or off

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