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Loctite® Spray Adhesive This heavy-duty adhesive sprays on quickly, eliminating the sticky mess of brushes and cans. Simple to use; just apply a medium coat to both surfaces, wait one minute and bond. Originally developed for demanding applications like home construction, remodeling and marine use, it forms a high-strength bond at all temperatures, both indoors and out. Great for laminates, trim, kick plates, signage, carpeting and upholstery. Adjustable nozzle allows user to select low, medium or heavy adhesive application. Dries clear. Resistant to water and humidity. For heavy-duty permanent bonding, apply a double coat to both surfaces. Let first coat dry to a tack before applying second coat - usually 2-5 minutes. Wait one minute after final coat and bond.Features:Easy spray applicationAdjustable nozzle allows user to select low, medium or heavy adhesive applicationDries clearResistant to water and humidityNo bleed-through, wrinkling or curling of paper

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