Rockler Loox 3015 24V LED Light Bar Kit, 22´´

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Loox 3015 24V LED Light Bar Kit, 22´´

SKU: 54066 ID: 545418797 UPC: 765573675153

This convenient kit includes two 22´´ LED Light Bars, plus everything you need to install and power them. Offering easy plug-n-play installation, compact size, and soft, pleasing light, light bars are an excellent option for both task lighting and accent lighting. Use them under upper cabinets, inside glass cabinets or drawers, and to highlight artwork. The included driver can power up to six lights with a total maximum wattage of 30W (additional Light Bars are available separately in a range of sizes). Each light and switch includes an integral 78´´ cable, which can be extended with the optional extension leads (57395 and 56279). Easy to install; surface mountedDriver plugs into wall outlet; no need for an electricianEnergy efficient with low heat outputLong lasting—up to 50,000 hoursDimmable with optional Dimmer Switch (56850)Optional Door Contact Switch (53213) turns light on when door is opened

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