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Lumber-Lok™ Plate Vise™

Lumber-Lok™ Plate Vise™ Multiple Grip Ports™ hold dozens of different lumber shapes and sizes tight for safe, accurate cutting, measuring, drilling, for finishing!Features:Elevates stock off the ground, won´t let pieces twist or move while cuttingFrees hands from holding stock, lets you concentrate on cuttingIncreases safety and productionMade in USAHolds stock fast and tight for safe, accurate cutsPorts for 1"e x 4"e, 1"e x 6"e, 2"e x 2"e, 2"e x 4"e, 2"e x 6"e, 2"e x 8"e, 2"e x 10"e, 2"e x 12"e, 4"e x 8"eElevates materials off the ground for safe cuttingWon´t allow stock to move or spinRugged steel construction yet easily carried from one work site to another

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