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M-Power CRB7 Combination Kit with Multi-Function Router Base

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M-Power CRB7 Combination Kit with Multi-Function Router Base The CRB7 MK3 sub-base arms your router with the ability to cut fully micro-adjustable dadoes, mortises, circles, and indexed grooves for faux paneling and shelving systems. In addition to that, the offset design provides excellent anti-tilt support, and includes an accessory support foot for routing narrow materials. The MK3 also boasts a large circle compass feature enabling you to rout circles from 19´´ to over 50´´. Increased stability in turn leads to better accuracy and finish quality. This package also includes the CRB7 Edging Trim Kit, which gives you the ability to trim solid wood edging or edging tape without having to run your router on the narrow edge of the material. Last but not least, you get the Edge Guide Side Fence Kit, which lets you rout grooves and dados up to 7-1/2´´ in from the edge of the board. In edge profiling applications, it provides infinite adjustability without restricting you to the incremental sizes of your guide bearings. Multi-function base cuts microadjustable dadoes, mortises and circlesFeatures: Adjustable Dadoing or Trenching with a Clamp Guide: Set your clamp guide (sold separately) once and adjust the position of the router via the CRB7 MK3´s Micro Adjuster The CRB also increases the reference surface between your router and the clamp guide, and reduces clamp guide set up time Adjustable Mortising: Install the included mortising pins to cut "ecentered and off centered"e mortises. Microadjust wheel allows you to precisely control the width of the mortise Ant-Tilt Support: Traditionally, most of the router base remains unsupported when edge routing, but the CRB anti-tilt leg eliminates router tilt, especially important when routing narrow workpieces Compass/Circle Cutter: Use the magnetic pin to rout precision circles and holes, even holes that are actually smaller than the base of the router! CRB can rout circles from 3/4´´ to 8-3/4´´ radius, using a 1/4´´ straight bit Large Compass/Circle Cutter: Uses a pivot hub and 25/64´´ compass rods to rout precision circles and holes from 19´´ to over 50´´ Diameter Offset base plate increases overall router stability CRB also moves the pivot hand that the router toward the center of the panel, reducing the chance of burn marks Adjustable/Repeatable Beadboard, Groove Copier: The CRB provides a simple and exceptionally quick way of accurately repeating a dado or grooves for shelving systems and false panelling Set up with speed and ease - The CRB7 MK3’s adjustable cranked rods allow both the inter rod width and rod height to be simultaneously adjusted Fitting the CRB7 MK3 to your favorite router (sold separately) couldn´t be easier, the cranked rods allow it to be fitted to the majority of routers on the market Quick Change: Unlike most router jigs, the CRB7 can be fitted/removed in less than 10 seconds, with no fiddly screws or cantering jigs required Micro Adjuster: High precision router cutter position can be attained and repeated using the knurled and indexed micro adjuster 2´´ Bakelite Ball Handle: Ergonomic design, comfortable to the touch Indexed Rule: Self-adhesive Imperial/Metric rule ensures fast, easy readings 2-Section Anti-Tilt Leg supports and stabilizes the router when routing materials from 3/8´´ to 3-1/4´´ thick Onboard Magnetic Pivot Pin Storage: A safe home for this essential component, easily accessible when ever needed Professional Grade Build: Made in England, CRB is manufactured to the highest standards and features a machined, hard-anodized solid aluminum bridge Laser cut 5mm thick acrylic baseplate and precision-turned steel and brass components

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