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Rockler MPower CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit

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MPower CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit

SKU: 50977 ID: 576823137 UPC: 815521000381

This adjustable router fence is used with the MPower CRB7 MK3 Multi-Function Router Base (#45924, sold separately) to add even more functionality to an already versatile accessory. Used as a parallel edge guide, it lets you rout grooves and dados up to 7-1/2´´ in from the edge of the board. In edge profiling applications, it provides infinite adjustability without restricting you to the incremental sizes of your guide bearings. The edge guide can be fitted in three different locations on the CRB´s base plate. Pre-drilled holes in the guide also allow you to attach an auxiliary block to straddle the router bit, or to simply protect the face of the edge guide.Features: Easy repeatability when grooving and dadoing multiple pieces—ideal for dados flush with the end of the panel or for the dado that defines the toe kick in base cabinets Lets you micro-adjust the depth of the edge profile when routing decorative edges Lightweight and compact—ideal for site work Machined in solid clear perspex for superior visibility Three fitting locations via two brass threaded inserts Two threaded inserts are located in the face of the edge guide allowing a sacrificial facepiece to be attached For better balance and less chance of tipping while dadoing, be sure to attach the CRB7´s offset handle

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