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Magnum Bolt-Action Pen Hardware Kit, Chrome

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Magnum Bolt-Action Pen Hardware Kit, Chrome ´´Loaded for bear´´ is the phrase that comes to mind when you pick up the completed Magnum Bolt-Action Pen. Ten percent larger than the original 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen, the Magnum is well-suited for those with big hands, big thoughts, or those who simply prefer a more weighted feel. The barrel is modeled after a magnum cartridge, used in center fire rifles for hunting big game, and in the military for sniping. The writing tip is advanced with a smooth bolt-action mechanism that can be reversed for right- or left-handed use. A miniature replica of a bolt-action rifle adorns the clip, while a rose gold bullet tip provides pleasing contrast, and rounds out the firearms theme.

Only $16.99 at Rockler.com

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