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Mandrel, 3/4"e Shoulder, 1/4"e-20 Threads

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Mandrel, 3/4&quote Shoulder, 1/4&quote-20 Threads For customers who have purchased our Cheese Knife, Cheese Plane and Pizza Server Turning Kits (#52836, #59844 and #59981, sold separately), this handy mandrel will have you cranking out handles like hotcakes. With a shoulder diameter that matches the final turned diameter of your handles, the mandrel eliminates the guesswork and repetitive measuring that you previously had to do as you brought the blank down to size. The mandrel also features a post that threads directly into the handle insert that comes with the turning kits, a touch that makes chucking the handle into your lathe simpler than ever before.

Only $11.99 at Rockler.com

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