Rockler Maple Burl Sequenced Matched 4-Way Veneer Pack

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Maple Burl Sequenced Matched 4-Way Veneer Pack

SKU: 46487 ID: 507617427 UPC: 878084005279

This veneer, made from real Maple Burl, captures the burl´s rich coloring and enchanting patterning. Unlike raw burl the veneer is easy to work with and can be applied to curved surfaces, unfinished wood or even metal doors. This pack includes 4 sheets of sequenced sheets designed to match 4 ways. Allowing you to create elaborate, symmetrical patterns on your wood working project. Each sheet is 8"W x 18"L with a thickness of 2/83" and all sheets feature boast straight, parallel edges, and are free of defects to minimize waste. As each burl is unique the appearance of the wood veneer however you can feel confident in your purchase as all burls used in production were hand selected due to their rich natural markings. Ideal for adding a flavorful finished look to any piece of furniture, door panels, drawer fronts, small intricate projects (as the veneer can be easily cut) or pieces of art.

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