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Rockler Merit® Flap Disc - 4-1/2´´ Diameter

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Merit® Flap Disc - 4-1/2´´ Diameter

SKU: GRP40055 ID: 535604797

Merit flap discs are a competitively priced option for grinding and surface blending of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and other metals. The flap discs feature zirconia alumina abrasive and fiberglass backing plates, which are strong, lightweight and absorb vibration. Flap discs last longer than fiber, consuming less materials, labor and time.Features: Formulated from zirconia alumina abrasive Use with an angle grinder for grinding, stock removal, edge chamfering/beveling, weld blending, deburring/deflashing, rust removal, blending, cleaning and finishing Discard mount for easy wheel changes Type 29 wheel shape (conical, the best choice for aggressive stock removal) The angle provides better surface contact for stock removal on flat surfaces Able to grind at steeper angles of 15° - 25° Conical flap discs have angled flaps and may be used on both contoured work and edge workBenefits of Flap Discs vs. Fiber Discs: 20X longer life, reduced abrasive cost Fewer disc changes, reduced labor cost More consistent finish No back-up pad required Easier storage, no curling Reduced loading Use flap discs one grit size coarser than fiber discs, except in 36 gritBenefits of Flap Discs vs. Grinding Wheels: Faster stock removal when fresh Smoother finish, no gouging Cooler cutting, less glazing Lightweight, easier to control Less vibration, less operator fatigue Reduced noise

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