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Mini Combo Miter Saw Set

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The Mini Combo Miter Saw set is ideal for creating small picture frames, cutting delicate trim pieces and detailed crafts. It´s also designed to cut square ends, mitered corners and perfect splices. The Universal Razor Saw (25-550) features a fine kerf with 42 teeth per inch. This mini miter saw is capable of cutting materials up to 2´´ wide and 15/16´´ thick. It´s wood handle and metal blade are strong enough to handle wood (including balsa), plastic, copper and brass. and can cut material up to 2 inches wide and 15/16" thick. The Mini Miter Box (37-240) has a sturdy aluminum construction and features thin slots (0.14´´ thick) with beveled channels designed to allow cuts at 30°, 45° and 90° degree angles. The box is large enough to hold tubing, dowels, small trim pieces and narrow strips.

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