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Rockler Mini-Ligno E/D Moisture Meter

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Mini-Ligno E/D Moisture Meter

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A bright red numeric display makes taking accurate moisture readings easy and error-free. Simply press the pins into the wood and the meter automatically turns on to provide a reading. Features a wide moisture range of 6-45% - low enough for professional furniture/cabinet makers and hardwood floor installers and high enough for construction-grade lumber, firewood, and wood turning blanks. Includes two standard 3/16"e pins, two 7/16"e pins for taking deeper core readings, wrist strap, pouch and 9V battery. Extra pins are stored inside the meter. Measures approximately 2-3/4"e x 5"e x 1"e.Features:Resolution: 0.1% below the critical moisture range of 10% and 1% steps above 10%Bright, digital display is readable even in dark crawl spaces2 settings for wood species correctionsMeasuring Range: 6-45% for setting 1, 6-55% for setting 2Green cap covers the pins during transport and slips onto the back end to serve as a comfortable handle when pushing the pins into the woodLonger pins are stored inside the meter for measuring thicker materialShort pins are ideal for surface or end cut readings, and for veneerCalibration Check: The calibration is internally checked and automatically adjusted

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