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Mouse Hole Jig-It® for Movable Louvered Shutters

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Mouse Hole Jig-It® for Movable Louvered Shutters A simple Jig-It® precisely dimensioned to rout the "emouse hole"e into the top rail of your hand-made shutters. The mouse hole is a small open-ended mortise that the shutter control arm swings into when the louvers are closed. Simple to use with a standard 1-3/8"e template guide, just clamp and rout. The sturdy transparent jig makes it easy to line up with your pencil marks.Ready to build your own custom shutters with ease? View all of our Shutter Jig Templates and select the style that is perfect for your application!Features:The Mouse Hole Jit-It routs a pocket either 3/8"e W or 5/8"e W; the required dimension is provided with the Shutter Design Wizard Custom Shutter Plans on Rockler.comDesigned to be used with a 3/8"e or 5/8"e straight bit, depending on the desired mouse hole size, and a 5/8"e template guide (#30933, sold separately) The 3/8"e mouse hole is for the 1-1/4"e louvered movable shutters and the 5/8"e mouse hole is for the 2-1/2"e and 3-1/2"e movable shutters Be sure to rout the mouse hole before assembling your shutters. This way, your shutter rails will never be too short for the Jig-It®.

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