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Myrtle Burl Sequenced Matched 4-Way Veneer Pack

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Myrtle Burl Sequenced Matched 4-Way Veneer Pack The veneers in this pack are made from real Myrtle Burl and therefor possess the unique character of the wood. Myrtle Burls have a vibrant naturally occurring golden color normally and feature a variety of patterning from wave like to flame like. As the veneers are made from real wood each veneer pack will be different, but all veneers are made from hand selected burls which possessed inspiring markings. Each pack includes 4 sheets of 8"eW x 18"eL and a thickness of 2/83"e for a total of 4 square feet. The sheets are sequenced matched to ensure a 4 way match allowing you to arrange the veneers alongside each other for dramatic symmetrical patterns. One of the benefits of working with veneers is they can be easily cut and applied (including to curved edges) and as each sheet boasts straight, parallel edges, and are free of defects it allows you to minimize waste. Unique veneers such as this are ideal for furniture, cabinets, drawer fronts, intricate pieces, furniture and works of art.

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