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Nova Chuck Spur Center

Nova Chuck Spur Center This Spur Center is just the answer for turners who use their Nova Chuck most of the time, and don´t want to have to remove the chuck for spindle work. Just clamp the Spur Center into your chuck, and you´re ready to go. It´s a rugged, 4-pronged spur drive with a square shank that fits snugly into your Nova chuck jaws. Inward and outward creep is totally eliminated, as the shank is slotted to allow the chuck jaws to close over it. With wedge-shaped prongs at the center, and at each corner, you get five points of contact for a firm grip on your turning blank. Features:Allows you to quickly mount a spur center on your chuck—no need to ever take the chuck off your latheIdeal for the bowl turner who also does some spindle work19mm (3/4") square shank

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