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Nova Cole Jaw Woodworm Screw

Nova Cole Jaw Woodworm Screw Use this dedicated Woodworm Screw for inboard, righthand screw chucking with the Nova Cole Jaws (#45174 and #45274, sold separately). Features a longer screw, which enables the threads to protrude past the Cole Jaw segments. The screw has a deep thread that is machined right to the end, allowing an easy lead into the wood. The depth of the thread and core size makes for a secure grip, even with larger turning blanks. Features:Quick and easy method to mount unformed small bowl blanksProvides a secure mounting to form the outside of bowls10.5mm thread requires a hole about 8mm (5/16") in diameterThe screw has considerable holding power and it is sometimes difficult to unscrew, so wax or oil the thread before mounting your blank

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