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Rockler Nova G3 Comet II Reversible Chuck

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Nova G3 Comet II Reversible Chuck

SKU: 44597 ID: 524071944 UPC: 669762002594

The Nova G3 Comet II Chuck features a locking set screw that allows it to be used safely in reverse mode without the risk of unthreading. It is designed for the Nova Comet II Midi Lathe (#46457, sold separately), but can be used on any lathe with a 1"e 8-TPI RH thread. When used on non-reversing lathes, the set screw must be removed. Like the similar Nova G3, this chuck is a four-jaw, self-centering scroll chuck with a high-powered TuffLock™ grip for incredibly solid, vibration free performance. The single-handed operation means more time turning and less time setting up. It has less weight, and less overhang than the larger chucks—perfect for the Comet II lathe. The minimal 1.79"e body length maximizes your distance between centers, and reduces stress on the spindle. Includes a set of 2"e (50mm) jaws. Features:Designed for the Nova Comet II Midi Lathe (#46457, sold separately).Locking set screw lets you use the chuck in reverse mode. If your lathe does not have a reversing spindle, the set screw must be removed.Set screw can be removed to be compatible with the Jet 1221VS. (Note: Not recommended for reversing)1"e 8-TPI RH/LH threading-fits the Comet II Midi Lathe.Up to 400mm/16"e diameter swing capacity.Up to 350mm/14"e diameter bowls using 50mm/2"e Jaws (supplied with chuck).Up to 50mm/2"e length spigots (using 50mm/2"e Jaws (supplied with chuck).Full packaged weight is (std) 1.4 kgs/3.1 lbs.Locking screw allows the chuck to be used while the lathe is running in reverse mode.Small, compact design minimizes load on small spindles and bearings.Open back for easy cleaning.Precise, powerful hardened gear action with Tuff Lock® technology.Single-handed operation with included chuck key.Able to take all Nova accessory jaws. However, please note: the larger accessory jaws in the Nova line are not recommended for use on the Nova G3 Comet II Chuck. For more information, see the offers for individual jaw sets.All Nova chucks are four-jaw, self centering scroll chucks for fast, secure setups.The four jaw design firmly grips both round and square wood.Quality materials.Precision machined in one operation from a solid steel block for optimal accuracy.Polished self metal finish to allow for closer tolerances and accuracy.Common accessory jaw fixing profile — compatible across all Nova chucks and accessories.Jaw slides made from high-tech copper fused steel for maximum hardness, wear, and self-lubricating properties.Special woodturning dovetail profile on jaws.Auto safety stop feature—jaw slides can´t protrude past the chuck body.Comprehensive instructions.Common insert/adapter fitting is compatible across all Nova chucks.Safe Lock™ Woodworm screw included for fast mounting of rough timbers. 2-Year Warranty.

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