Rockler Nova Mini Step Jaw Set

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Nova Mini Step Jaw Set

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With stepped jaws for expanded capacity, these multi-purpose dual-grip jaws are ideal for gripping small- to medium-sized recesses in expansion, and smaller spigots such as pen blanks in contraction. Four jaws are included, each machined from a single piece of 1045 high tensile steel for the ultimate in precision and durability. Features:Nova chucks give you the same jaw fixing system and same insert/adapter system across all chuck models.All accessory jaws in the range will fit all the chucks in the range for optimum flexibility. Some, however, are not recommended. See individual jaws for recommendations.Nova chucks are specially designed so the jaws cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear out strength.A quick and easy workholding solution for small to medium bowls and small spigot work.Multiple steps allows a great range of smaller projects to be mounted and turned using either the expansion mode (mostly for bowls) or the contraction mode (mostly for spigots).Made from K1045 steel for maximum structural strength.

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