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Rockler Nova Pin Jaw Set

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Nova Pin Jaw Set

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These special 25mm extended jaws are designed to act like a pin chuck, expanding into a pre-bored hole. This is an especially useful holding method for bowls with a free form edge. A big advantage over pin chucks is that you don´t have to bore to an exact size - any size between the minimum and just under the maximum expansion will do. The longer jaw length allows for a very powerful spigot grip for smaller work like lace bobbins (up to 6"e in length) and delicate pots. The jaws also have a dovetail for mounting small bowls (up to 6"e in diameter). Features standard on all Nova Jaws:Nova chucks give you the same jaw fixing system and same insert/adapter system across all chuck models.All accessory jaws in the range will fit all the chucks in the range for optimum flexibility. Some, however, are not recommended. See individual jaws for recommendations.Nova chucks are specially designed so the jaws cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear out strength.

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