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Offset Micro Bit Driver

Offset Micro Bit Driver At only 3-1/2"e long this little ratcheting bit driver is the perfect tool for those tight spaces where a drill or screwdriver just won´t fit. The Micro Bit Driver accepts any standard 1/4"e hex-drive bit, and includes 8 driver bits of its own. The ratcheting mechanism is extremely fine so it can be used even in confined spaces where the handle arc is very short. Offset handle also aids access to obstructed spaces.Features: The Titan Offset Micro Bit Driver ratchet is only 3-1/2"e long Offset handle allows access even when obstructions are in the way Accepts all standard 1/4"e hex-drive bits Bit driver ratchet generates 43 foot/pounds of torque Ideal for use in confined spaces, such as under the dash or in cramped engine compartments Chromed, polished finish prevents rust and corrosion 60 Tooth reversible ratcheting gear head High-torque, CRV construction

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