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Rockler Onsrud Down-Cut Spiral Router Bits

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Onsrud Down-Cut Spiral Router Bits

SKU: GRP11263 ID: 524072723

Down-spiral cutting action forces the chips down into the groove, eliminating the tendency for wood fibers to chip out the face. Double-flute design with HSS (high speed steel) construction for a smooth finish. Recommended when chip flow should be directed down for a clean cut on top of the material.High speed steel.Available in 3/8"e and 1/4"e diameters.28741: 1/4"e Shank, 1/4"e Cutter Dia., 1"e Cutter Length, 3"e Overall length24959: 1/2"e Shank, 3/8"e Cutter Dia., 1"e  Cutter Length, 3-1/2"e Overall length

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