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PSA - Pressure Sensitive Veneer - 24 Inch X 32 Inch

PSA - Pressure Sensitive Veneer - 24 Inch X 32 Inch Our clean and simple "epeel-and-stick"e veneers are now available in convenient 24"e x 32"e sheets with a thickness of 1/64´´. The 32"e lengths are great for doors, face frames and end panels on vanities as well as on standard base cabinets with a toe space. No messy contact cement need apply-simply cut the veneer to size with a scissors, peel off the backing and use a High Pressure J-Roller (#50014, sold separately) for the smoothest application possible. This premium grade 1/64"e thick flexible veneer comes with a 10 mil thick paper forstability and a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to its backside. These veneers permanently bonds to wood, glass, plastic and metal. They come in: Red Oak, White Oak, Sawn White Oak, White Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Ash, Maple, Mahogany and Walnut.Features:Not recommended for use on fir plywoodUnfinished real woodAccepts stains and finishesRefacing tips: First, apply veneer to the end panels. Once you´re ready for the face frames, start with the stiles (vertical members). Cut veneer slightly wider than stile (leaving an overlap), and line up edge with top of the stile. Peel off backing and press as you go. Trim off the excess veneer. Finish by using High Pressure J-Roller for optimal adhesion. Repeat the procedure on the rails (horizontal members).

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