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Painter´s Pyramids with New Tab Feature, 10-Pack

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Painter´s Pyramids with New Tab Feature, 10-Pack Painter´s Pyramids work much like a board studded with nails, but unlike nailboards, they can be rearranged quickly for various projects, they won´t leave prick marks in the surface, and they nest into a neat, compact stack for storage. This new, improved version features screw tabs for securing the pyramids when using lazy susans and other finishing fixtures. In addition, they feature a locking tab so you can "echain"e or "enest"e the pyramids together to create a stable surface and distribute the weight over a broader area. Molded with a slightly rounded tip from a non-stick, non-reactive polymer, they will not mar the finish or the wood. Each pyramid supports up to 200 lbs and stands about 2"e high. Sold in packs of 10.New tabs allow you to nail or screw the pyramids to a fixed surface.New interlocking feature allows you to chain or nest the pyramids together, creating a firm foundation and more even distribution of weight.Lightweight and compact - perfect for jobsite use.Holes allow easy grip.Can be fastened to a sawhorse by passing a strap through the holes.Holes makes a convenient parking space for small craft brushes.Non-stick, non-reactive, non-marring.Impermeable to paint and solvents.Each triangular face measures 2-3/8"e x 2-3/8"e x 2-3/8"e.Note: Though the tip is slightly rounded, Painter´s Pyramids may leave slight dimples in the surface when used with very soft woods and/or heavy projects. Use discretion in these instances.

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