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Rockler Preval® Spray Gun

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Preval® Spray Gun

SKU: 30998 ID: 479643856 UPC: 80139952678

This handy pocket-size tool sprays virtually any liquid: paint, lacquer, solvent, stain, oil, cleaners and more! Just fill the container with the mixture of your choice, attach the power unit and spray away. Lightweight compact size is great for touchups! Additional containers allow you to keep finish samples for perfect color-matching. Completely portable system eliminates air lines and other bulky equipment for easy access to tight spots. One power unit sprays up to 16 oz. of liquid.Features:Spray Gun with Power Unit and Container includes cap for containerThinning guide included on packageNo CFCsContainers hold 6 oz. of liquid.Cleanup is easy - just a short burst of solvent cleans the power unit

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