Rockler Pro Series Log Tenon Cutters

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Pro Series Log Tenon Cutters

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These state-of-the-craft cutters produce perfect tenons with radius shoulder profiles for the sturdiest-possible log furniture construction. The self-centering design ensures flawlessly shaped tenons, and dual precision-ground blades cut twice as fast as single blade models and stay sharp longer. Plus, as part of the cutters´ exclusive "IN-SIGHT" visual measurement system, slots along the shaft combine with radial grooves at 1/2" intervals to let you to see your progress and measure tenon length while you cut. Body is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum for maximum strength and minimum weight. Available in four sizes (1/2", 1", 1-1/2", and 2") corresponding to the diameter tenon that each will cut.Each Tenon Cutter is made in the USA of rust-proof 410 hardened stainless steel. The dual blade technology removes more material in less time, and allows for longer blade life. While the built-in tenon measurement sight gauge makes it easy to see depth of cut.

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