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Radians® Rad Band Banded Ear Plugs

Radians® Rad Band Banded Ear Plugs Unlike your typical foam plugs, which require much kneading and adjusting, Radians® Rad Band Ear Plugs are easy to insert - just spread the band, position, and release. The soft, comfortable Jelli™ Plugs are completely washable, and therefore reusable, amounting to big savings over time. When you aren´t using them, the included neck cord keeps them safely around your neck. And unlike noise reduction headphones, the Radians® Rad Band is lightweight, cool in the summers, and will work well with your safety glasses.Features:Noise reduction rating (NRR): 23 decibels.Angle is engineered to align with ear canal for maximum comfort and attenuation.Lightweight, durable construction.Hypoallergenic Jelli™ Pods are replaceable and reusable.Dielectric.

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