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Rockler RapidAir Compressed Tubing Clips

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RapidAir Compressed Tubing Clips

SKU: 42921 ID: 479647675 UPC: 94084202009

Attach your compressed air lines to your walls, ceiling, or in new wall construction with these easy-to-use Tubing Clips! Simply slide the RapidAir Nylon Tubing (sold separately, # 42914) through the Tubing Clips and secure the clip to your wall using a screw for a sturdy fit and an organized look.Best used with Air Manifold Kit (#42910, sold separately), adds additional lines to your existing system. Air Outlet Kit (#42909, sold separately), add to your compressed air line with additional outlets. Non-corrosive nylon tubing (#42914, sold separately) to expand your line.

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