Rockler Razor Scraper with 21-Piece Blade Set

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Razor Scraper with 21-Piece Blade Set

SKU: 59193 ID: 595254999 UPC: 802090170089

Whether you´re removing paint from hard surfaces like glass, or cleaning more scratch-prone surfaces like finished wood, this scraper set will fit the bill. It includes a 9´´ scraper holder, 11 metal razors and 10 polymer non-marring scraper blades. The plastic scrapers are ideal when you need to ensure that the surface remains scratch-free, such as when removing residues from finished furniture, or knocking off the ´´nubs´´ before a final finish coat. Use the standard metal razors for tougher materials like glass and metal, where there is no risk of scratching.Features:All included blades fit most common scrapersUse metal single-edge razor blades for metal, glass and windshieldsNo-mar blades are ideal for finished wood and have two usable edges

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