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Rockler Red River Gum Burl Turning Blanks

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Red River Gum Burl Turning Blanks

SKU: GRP31806 ID: 524071718

The fine grain, deep red color and attractive dark speckling of Red River Gumburls have made them a favorite choice for decorative turnings and sculpture. The wood is also strong, durable and termite resistant. These turning blanksare available in a range of sizes for small bowls, platters, carvings, bottlestoppers, chess pieces, tool handles, finials, candlesticks and whatever else yourimagination can conjure up!Due to high demand and limited supply, we cannot always guarantee that this item will be in stock.Features:Turning blanks come rough sawn to nominal thickness, and are coated with wax.Scientific name for Red River Gum: Eucalyptus Camaldulensis.Native to: Australia.Habitat: River banks, floodplains.

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