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Redheart Lumber by the Piece

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Redheart Lumber by the Piece Named for it´s rich red color, Redheart lumber exhibits a variety of interesting streaks, patterns and closed knots. The wood has extremely small pores with a very fine overall texture, and is easily worked with hand or power tools. The initially bright color of Redheart fades to a reddish brown tone with exposure to sunlight.Technical Details:Redheart: Erythroxylon mexicanum.Native to: Mexico and South America.Hardness: Hard; similar to oak.Grain/Texture: Very small pores, and a fine, even texture.Rot Resistance: Redheart is moderately rot-resistant.Workability: Redheart planes, machines, and sands well. Takes glue and finish well.Odor: Distinct, rubber-like smell when being worked.

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