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Resawing Basics Downloadable Technique Resawing is a simple process when you have the right equipment - but why, some ask, go through all the bother?So you can use a band saw to slice thin pieces of wood from bigger pieces of wood ... what´s the benefit? Why not buy your wood sliced thin to begin with, or just plane or sand it to thickness? Here are five good reasons right off the top of my head: First, you´ll get the best use out of expensive or beautifully figured wood. Second, you´ll be able to create book-matched, slip-matched or swing-matched panels. Third, you´ll have a method to efficiently use salvaged or reclaimed lumber of large dimension. Fourth, you will be able to create your own lumber from a tree ... or even from firewood! And fifth, when you get good at it, you can begin to make your own handmade plywood.

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