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Riveting T-Nut Inserting Tool

Riveting T-Nut Inserting Tool Ordinarily, when assembling a project with T-nuts, it´s all too easy to push the T-nut out the back of the workpiece once the bolt is inserted, sometimes resulting in the prongs stripping out the wood. The Riveting T-Nut system prevents this problem by permanently securing the T-nut to the panel with the Riveter Insertion Tool. Simply set the T-nut first with a hammer, then thread the insertion tool into it with a power drill. The tool folds over the end of the T-nut, creating a neat, clean mushroomed end that holds the T-nut firmly in place. T-nuts available for 1/2"e, 5/8"e and 3/4"e material (sold separately).

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