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Robert Sorby Hollow Revolving Center Set, #2 Morse Taper

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Robert Sorby Hollow Revolving Center Set, #2 Morse Taper Revolving centers, more commonly referred to as ´´live centers´´ in the States, are installed on your lathe to permit greater turning speeds and more clamping pressure without adding friction. This set includes a precision live center, along with seven popular accessories (see details below). It features a #2 stub morse taper fitting, and comes complete with an ejector tool and a fitted storage case.Details on the Included Components: DRC/2 #2 Morse Taper Hollow Revolving Center: The centerpiece of the set; accepts all other attachments.RC60CP 60° Point: The workhorse of the range; sturdily built for heavy-duty applications.RCRC Ring Center: Used when there is a risk of splitting the wood, i.e. laminations and short or narrow spindle work.RC516H Hollow Ring Center: For hollow boring. Allows a 5/16´´ shell auger to feed through, ensuring accurate boring.RCLHBP Long Hole Boring Location Pin: Once the wood has been bored out, fit this location pin into the RC516H and it will self-center the work precisely for turning.RCCC Cone Center: The self-centering feature of this head makes it an ideal end support for small workpieces.RC60MP 60° Mini Point: For delicate work, or where access is required at the end of the workpiece.RCSC Steady Center: Enables the fitting of shop-made support heads for specialty tasks.

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