Rockler Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe TurnMaster Tool Set with Case

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Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe TurnMaster Tool Set with Case

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The Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe TurnMaster Kit delivers versatility, performance and efficiency in abundance. And with a set of three heads combined into one neat package along with the shank, two handle lengths, and a wide selection of cutters, you can enjoy that versatility at a fraction of the price of the separate components. The three easily attached heads can be fitted with specific cutters before beginning your turning project, allowing you to swap heads in a matter of seconds to achieve different cuts. The patented detachable heads offer indexing action that delivers three standard cuts. Seven interchangeable cutting tips and a standard full-length parting tool let you turn a huge variety of profiles.Enjoy the versatility of the following components in one easy-to-use kit: RSTM ST2 – TurnMaster shank with HSS detail point cutter fittedRSTM Tip 1 Round (fitted to head) – a general purpose cutter, excellent for rapid removal of materialRSTM Tip 2 Detail Point (fitted to head and shank) – Excellent for roughing square to round when turning centers on spindle workRSTM Tip 3 Square (fitted to head) – Used for generating square shoulders on tenons where a turned part is to be assembled into a hole, e.g. a chair leg. Also a great shear scraperRSTM Tip 4 French Curve – Great for finishing out in egg cups, goblets and round bottomed boxesRSTM Tip 5 Dovetail or box cutter – as the name suggests this tool is designed to create dovetails and tenons to mount timber on scroll chucksRSTM Tip 6 Teardrop – Ideal for scraping and shear scraping inside formsRSTM Tip 7 Mushroom – Designed for undercutting mushrooms but has many applicationsRSTM HEAD (2) – Patented Indexable tool head specifically designed to operate in three positions for standard scraping and shear scraping work. Sit screws easily onto the tool shank to offer a quick and simple alternative for interchanging cutters830 Standard Parting Tool 1/4´´ – for parting off work and great for detailingSovereign 12´´ handle – multifaceted Softex grip handleSovereign 4´´ extension – adds 4´´ of length to the 12´´ handleDS 600 – Handy pocket-sized diamond honing stone (1´´ X 3´´ (25mm x 75mm) x 1.5mm thick in 600-gritSOV-TC – Sovereign tang collet adaptorSOV-C13 – Collet suitable for 1/2´´ shanks such as the spiralling system

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